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As technology involving information and data progress, the gaps in Bangladesh’s IT infrastructure grow. The information age brings new threats on both international and local levels. Our children have increasingly exposed to the cyber world, and more unique forms of harassment appear that parents, teachers, and guardians need to be aware of. In the meanwhile, data and information are threatened in the way of smaller scale scams like identity theft and mobile-banking hacks as well as larger-scale attacks like the 2016 Bangladesh Bank cyber heist. In the absence of any large scale enterprise in the private sector, Mitisol Ltd was founded to make life in the digital Universe safer for all.

MITISOL Ltd is an innovative company in the business of IT-based digital security consultancy, providing hardware and software solutions for security purposes for the public and private sectors, including defence forces. Mitisol endeavours to offer the best in class solutions from around the world in terms of cyber security, security checks, and solutions.Our solutions include high tech security surveillance, personal information protection, intellectual property data theft protection, government and industry information systems protection, and more forstand-alone, network, mobile, and cloud platforms.

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